About Chatham County SALT Council

Our Mission
The Chatham County SALT Council (Seniors and Law Enforcement Together) is a community-based initiative involving seniors, law enforcement and service providers, who work together to promote the safety of our senior citizens through education and crime prevention. Through this cooperative effort, the council seeks to alleviate fear of victimization, enhance the delivery of law enforcement and protective services, and improve the overall quality of life to our senior population.

Our History
In 2000, representatives from Savannah Police Department, Chatham County Police Department, Chatham County Sheriff's Department and AARP signed a formal Triad agreement. Triad is a commitment shared by law enforcement agencies and affiliated organizations. The purpose of Triad is to facilate agencies working together to reduce criminal victimizations of older adults. You can read more about our history under the Accomplishments tab.


Chair- Linda Moody

Co-Chair- Joyce McBride

Vice-Chair- Jeanne O’Brien

Secretary- Terrie Matthews

Treasurer- Allison Adams



Consumer Protection- Audrey Massey

Consumer College Chair- Terrie Matthews / Co-Chair- Joyce McBride

Speakers Bureau Chair- Zelonia Williams

Public Relations -Brenda Lewis




Support Us

The Chatham County SALT Council represents a cooperative effort between seniors in the community, law enforcement, AARP, and professionals in the aging field. The Council acts as an advocacy/advisory group and provides a forum for the exchange of information for the purpose of crime prevention and safety of seniors.  






Check out our Events page to find out what events we will be organizing in the near future.

Monthly Meetings 

S.A.L.T meets the second Thursday of each month at 11:00am, at The Woods located at 7364 Hodgson Memorial Dr.


Welcome New Members! We are looking for more agencies and individuals to share, advocate, advise, prevent crimes and promote safety for seniors in Chatham County Georgia.   Download an application below.

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